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Every time someone talks about how they are better than other people because they read the books for Game of Thrones…

…I want to punch their smug douche-y faces. Just because you read the books doesn’t mean you’re better than other people. I have read all of The Walking Dead but I’m not disgusted by the TV show viewers. People like certain types of media. Some can only enjoy certain types of genres in certain forms. For instance, I can’t stand to read “fantasy” novels, but I can watch the shit out of them…So book readers, stop being pompous and let the TV viewers enjoy their show.

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Multiple Opinions Make A Podcast

Setting out to create a podcast is, on a non-celebrity level, pretty difficult…but to really even begin I feel like I need to find friends of mine who don’t 100% agree on everything with me, which luckily I have a few. Whether it be my views on Gaming / TV / Movies and just real life, if everyone agrees it just becomes really boring, and just no real direction to go. Still have quite a lot to get together to even think I can get it started, but I know I want to keep it under the same name I’ve originally started HEROcast: Heavily Edited, Rather Offensive.

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When you “renew” a series for a 6 episode season you basically canceled it

I just read last night that SyFy announced the 5th and Final season of Warehouse 13…but it is only going to be a six episode season. Now I will give them credit for not telling them they have a full season then cutting it short this time (Eureka), but I just feel that its a slap in the face either way. By the time the series finishes I will no longer have any reason to watch the entire channel, all programming I find interesting will be finished…even Defiance can’t hold my interest and that’s reverse Eureka, town full of idiots and the sheriff is the smartest one there.

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